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Awesome work area

Our lab have many windows, large work areas and individual benches for every student under our supervision

Cell culture room

With four HEPA-filtered containement enclosures and four CO2-controlled incubators, you will never have a good reason NOT to do cell culture...

DNA microarray 

We have a full DNA microarray platform with analysis software for convenient, quick and powerful gene expression analysis

Confocal microscopy

Our research group now possess a state-of-the-art confocal microscope for all high-resolution imaging

A great place to work

Windows ? Check
Great desks? Check
Coffee machine? Double check


Come see for yourself!

Our lab is fully equipped with:

Agilent microplate/strip qPCR 

Affymetrix GeneChip system

Leica confocal microscope (with Hybrid detector)

IVIS (in-vivo) imaging system

Inverted fluorescence microscope

Multiple PCR machines 

12 full Western blot mini-protean kit + semi-dry transfert system

UVP imaging system for Western blots

Agarose imaging system

Immunohistochemistry and histology preparation platform

4 HEPA-filtered level-2 biological hood

4 cell line incubators with controlled CO2 levels and temperature

4 room temp microcentrifuges 

3 refrigerated microcentrifuges 

2 refrigerated full-sized centrifuges

Everybody has it's own 6 Eppendorf pipettes set; fo' real

And a lot of other goodies....

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